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Get9jasports.com is sports blog site that provides Nigerians at home and in diaspora with quality and updated made in 9jaSports coverages, breaking news, spicy sports gist, columns and expert analysis that is found very educative, informative, and fun-loving and at the same time entertaining.
At a time when the unity of Nigeria is threatened by insecurity and insurgency, get9jasports is so passionate about using sports as a tool for national unity, integration and development as it is said that sports and politics can influence a nation greatly.

Sports is an integral part of our everyday life as it is necessary for our body to function properly well, this was derived from the old French word ‘desport’ meaning “LEISURE”, with the oldest definition in English being anything humans find amusing or entertaining.

Get9jasports.com also uses sports a s a means of reducing youth crime and unemployment thereby engaging the youths through sports for talent discovery and development with opportunities for fun, socialization, forming peer relationships, physical fitness and athletic scholarships. This hopefully will result in contributing positively to the National economic growth of Nigeria.

So join us in our various social media platform, as we discuss how to move Nigeria sports to another exciting level.

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